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ElevateHT specializes in simplifying the intricate world of medical inventory, supplies, and drug management.
Our solution, Pulse, transforms inventory and in-office drug dispensing into actionable insights, streamlining your processes and empowering you to make informed decisions. With us, managing your inventory becomes effortless, allowing you to devote your energy where it truly matters – providing exceptional patient care.
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Managed Inventory






Shelf of medical supplies
What products should I order?
Our PAR level system identifies products that are running low and suggests order quantities to prevent running out of stock. It also takes into account products required for upcoming patient appointments, providing precise order recommendations.
How much stock should be kept?
Set order points for each product based on your stock requirements, or allow Pulse to suggest order quantities based on usage patterns. This will facilitate a smoother transition to monthly orders.
purchasing medicine or medical supply
How can I track purchase orders with suppliers?
Our procurement module allows you to monitor all your purchase orders. Track what products were ordered, from whom, when, and at what price. You can also set approval tiers for each order.
How can I monitor backorders?
With Pulse, you can easily see any unfulfilled orders. Rapidly receive your products into the system for immediate use. Any discrepancies between ordered and received items will be flagged and highlighted.
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How can I monitor my usage and see my inventory costs?
Our system provides reports that detail your usage over a specified period. These reports provide data such as usage by location, doctor, department, and other filter options. You can view your current inventory value easily and track your profit if you sell directly to patients or customers.
Can I track lot numbers and expiration dates?
Yes, Pulse simplifies the tracking of lot numbers and expiration dates. In case of a recall, you can easily identify when and where the product was used. Expiry alerts are visible on your dashboard and can also be emailed to you.
medical inventory billing
Do I make mistakes when billing for medications?
With Pulse's Billing Accuracy Report, we can check that no errors were made in the billing process, and catch any errors before a claim is submitted.
medical revenue
Are my buy and bill medications profitable?
Pulse's Revenue Cycle Report will look at the payments for your buy and bill claims to determine if there are any outstanding balances and will help you understand the true profit on your buy and bill medications.
What does it cost me to do procedures?
Case Costing Reports in Pulse can show you the detailed breakdown on what the cost of goods used to do a procedure for each case as well as an average cost over time to do specific procedures. You can also see this broken down by doctor as well.

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Working with ElevateHT means your clinical practice gains a trusted ally specialized in healthcare, uniquely dedicated to optimizing medical inventory and drug management. Our innovative solution, Pulse, transforms inventory and in-office drug dispensing into actionable insights, making management effortless and decision-making precise. By streamlining these crucial processes, we free up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional patient care.