Important Note: We're delighted to announce that the ArbiMed software has been acquired by Elevate Health Technologies and has added new executive leadership. Our dedicated team, which you know and trust, remains in place.
The ArbiMed software name has been changed to Pulse.
Managing Your Medical Inventory with Excel

Managing Your Medical Inventory with Excel

At ElevateHT we have devoted a great deal of time and effort to designing an Inventory Management Software that is easy to use, and tracks all of your supplies so that businesses, clinics, and doctor’s offices do not have to rely on paper and pen methods or Excel method of tracking their inventory.  

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Our medical inventory management software is developed to help medical practices track the usage and custody of medical asset (inventory). It helps with challenges related to inventory integrity, misuse, and costs.

The problem with the paper & pen method or Excel method methods is that they rely heavily on the discipline of your employees to accurately track your inventory.  Having software gives your employees a tool to help track inventory but also creates a mandate that this must be done correctly because we are investing in that software. Pulse also gives customers the ability to get more detailed information on where their inventory is being used, how much they are spending, and even provide predictions on future usage based on the data that is being collected.

However, we also understand that sometimes companies are looking for a simple and cheap method to track their inventory and data is not their biggest concern. For those businesses, we have created an Excel spreadsheet template that you can use to track your inventory in the simplest way.  

When using Excel to manage your inventory, you still need to make sure that you are capturing the information that identifies each item, and its location.  You also need a quick and easy way to total your inventory, but one of the most overlooked fields when managing inventory in Excel is the relationship of units of measure for an item.  Many items are used/dispensed as individual items but are frequently ordered by the box or case.  It is important to keep this information handy when using Excel because you always want to do your inventory count for the smallest unit of measure.  This helps keep things simple.  

Click the link below to download our Sample Excel Inventory Sheet so that you can start putting some simple inventory management processes into your business.  If you decide that you want something a little more comprehensive than using pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets please schedule a demo with us so we can show you how Inventory Management Software can improve the financial health of your business.

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Working with ElevateHT means your clinical practice gains a trusted ally specialized in healthcare, uniquely dedicated to optimizing medical inventory and drug management. Our innovative solution, Pulse, transforms inventory and in-office drug dispensing into actionable insights, making management effortless and decision-making precise. By streamlining these crucial processes, we free up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional patient care.