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The ArbiMed software name has been changed to Pulse.
Retina Injection Dose-Tracking Software Offers Multiple Benefits

Retina Injection Dose-Tracking Software Offers Multiple Benefits

The expense and ubiquity of injections makes knowing the status of every dose imperative.

AS FEATURED IN OPHTHALMOLOGY MANGEMENT MAGAZINE: Retina Injection Dose-Tracking Software Offers Multiple Benefits

Modern retina practices deal with an inventory of very expensive injection medications. When even a small number of doses are not paid for, are lost or spoiled, the cost is significant.

ArbiMed Retina is a modern dose-tracking software designed specifically for retina specialists. Using the system, each dose is accounted for, so the practice can know what is on hand, where the inventory is located, the lot numbers, expiration dates and value. ArbiMed is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, inventory management system that goes beyond tracking injection stock. The platform also allows the user to collect important product and patient information, which the company says helps protect a practice’s bottom line. ArbiMed lets practices track every dose — from the injection order’s creation to its dispensation and beyond. Because the system integrates with the office’s practice management software, it is able to track reimbursement and generate detailed billing and payment reports.


According to ArbiMed, with the software in place, retina practices nationwide track and assign more than $24 million worth of injections every month. Even more important, the company says, is a series of alerts within the ArbiMed system shows that 18% of all encounters have a potential documentation error that could negatively impact reimbursement.

“Our software is designed to help retina practices better manage their inventory and more accurately document each encounter,” says Doug Mooradian, ArbiMed Retina sales specialist. “ArbiMed integrates seamlessly with the practice management system and lets the practice staff follow each dose, from ordering and receiving to the time it is assigned to a patient and a claim is submitted. As a result, they are able to avoid common errors, which often delay claims reimbursement.”

Time and again, the team says retina practices tell the company that before they implemented ArbiMed’s software, there was almost no way for them to track how many encounters were accurately documented.


ArbiMed’s multifunctionality has the ability to enhance efficiencies for all members of the retina practice staff.

  • Administrator. For the administrator of a retina practice, managing expensive injections can be stressful, as these agents are in effect responsible for the practice’s financial survival. Proper management of the procurement, storage and billing of these medications is critical.
  • Doctor. For the retina specialist, the primary concern is for patients’ vision. The system tracks patients and their past treatments, alerts if injections are too frequent and notes lot numbers and expiration dates in the event of a recall.
  • Nurses, assistants and technicians. These key members are crucial to how the practice runs. ArbiMed Retina helps the team quickly assign doses and select patients, for example, with step-saving features that free up more time for patients.
  • Purchaser. The whole staff relies on the purchaser to have appropriate stock at all times. The ArbiMed tools help streamline purchasing, enabling accurate cost records and purchasing predictions. This can be done for all of the practice’s supplies, as ArbiMed is a customizable all-in-one inventory/dose-tracking system.

“The software does not take long to learn, as it is userfriendly, being intuitive to navigate. I can find information fast, so I can make purchasing decisions quickly and accurately,” says Shawn Harkey, practice administrator, Retina Consultants of Houston. ArbiMed “made it easy to transition from another software, and their application was able to accommodate our existing workflow seamlessly.”


The cost and importance of retinal injection inventory to modern, clinical retina practices makes having a seamless, independent, multifunctional inventory software a requirement. ArbiMed Retina can track this valuable medical inventory. Tools allow for tagging critical information such as supply stock levels and medication expiration dates. It also ensures proper billing and payment through integration with the office’s practice management software. Retina practices can confidently manage injection stock — and other important assets — with ArbiMed.

ArbiMed is specially designed to help retina practices more accurately document each encounter and ensure that:
  • Patient specific details are recorded
  • The proper drug is being dispensed
  • Lot numbers and expiration dates are logged
  • Specific diagnosis and procedure codes are listed
  • The correct eye has been chosen for injection
  • The minimum 28-day interval has been met
  • Expiration dates for drug on-hand are checked regularly
  • End-of-day inventory can be easily tracked and reconciled
  • Payment and error reports can be monitored

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